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Therapeutic Efficacy of Nanocomplex of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) and Catechin for Dry Eye Disease in a Mouse Model

Lee, Hyesook; Shim, Whuisu; Kim, Chae Eun; Choi, So Yeon; Lee, Haeshinresearcher; Yang, JaewookASSOC RESEARCH VISION OPHTHALMOLOGY INCINVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, v.58, no.3, pp.1682 - 1691, 2017-03


Cooperative effects of zeolite mesoporosity and defect sites on the amount and location of coke formation and its consequence in deactivation

Lee, Kyungho; Lee, Songhyun; Jun, Youngsun; Choi, MinkeeresearcherACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, v.347, pp.222 - 230, 2017-03


The N terminus of cGAS de-oligomerizes the cGAS: DNA complex and lifts the DNA size restriction of core-cGAS activity

Lee, Arum; Park, Eun Byeol; Lee, Janghyun; Choi, Byong-Seokresearcher; Kang, Suk-JoWILEYFEBS LETTERS, v.591, no.6, pp.954 - 961, 2017-03


Novel intramolecular pi-pi-interaction in a BODIPY system by oxidation of a single selenium center: geometrical stamping and spectroscopic and spectrometric distinctions

Kim, Youngsam; Jun, Tae-Hong; Mulay, Sandip V; Manjare, Sudesh T; Gwak, Jinseong; Lee, Yunhoresearcher; Churchill, David GROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYDALTON TRANSACTIONS, v.46, no.12, pp.4111 - 4117, 2017-03


A novel hybrid auditory BCI paradigm combining ASSR and P300

Kaongoen, Netiwit; Jo, Sung-HoresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS, v.279, pp.44 - 51, 2017-03


Arrangement and SERS Applications of Nanoparticle Clusters Using Liquid Crystalline Template

Kim, Dae Seok; Honglawan, Apiradee; Yang, Shu; Yoon, Dong KiresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.9, no.8, pp.7787 - 7792, 2017-03


A fat-derived metabolite regulates a peptidergic feeding circuit in Drosophila

Kim, Do-Hyung; Shin, Minjung; Jung, Sung-Hwan; Kim, Young-Joon; Jones, Walton D.researcherPUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS BIOLOGY, v.15, no.3, 2017-03


Shielding at a distance due to anomalous resonance

Yu, Sanghyeon; Lim, MikyoungresearcherIOP PUBLISHING LTDNEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, v.19, 2017-03


Self-Gated Cardiac Cine Imaging Using Phase Information

Seo, Hyunseok; Kim, Dongchan; Oh, Changheun; Park, HyunWookresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLMAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.77, no.3, pp.1216 - 1222, 2017-03


Modeling and test of a kinaesthetic actuator based on MR fluid for haptic applications

Yang, Tae-Heon; Koo, Jeong-Hoi; Kim, Sang-Youn; Kwon, Dong-SooresearcherAMER INST PHYSICSREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.88, no.3, 2017-03


Monoclinic Tm3+:MgWO4: a promising crystal for continuous-wave and passively Q-switched lasers at similar to 2 mu m

Loiko, Pavel; Serres, Josep Maria; Mateos, Xavier; Aguilo, Magdalena; Diaz, Francesc; Zhang, Lizhen; Lin, Zhoubin; Lin, Haifeng; Zhang, Ge; Yumashev, Konstantin; Petrov, Valentin; Griebner, Uwe; Wang, Yicheng; Choi, Sun Yung; Rotermund, Fabian; Chen, WeidongOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICS LETTERS, v.42, no.6, pp.1177 - 1180, 2017-03


APWM adapted half-bridge LLC converter with voltage doubler rectifier for improving light load efficiency

Kim, JW; Han, JK; Lai, JSINST ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY-IETELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.53, no.5, pp.339 - 340, 2017-03



Lee, Chang-Ockresearcher; Park, Eun-HeeKOREAN MATHEMATICAL SOCJOURNAL OF THE KOREAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY, v.54, no.2, pp.461 - 477, 2017-03


Selective Oxidation of Allyl Alcohol to Acrylic Acid in Base-Free Aqueous Solution

Kim, Minsu; Lee, HyunjooresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHCHEMISTRYSELECT, v.2, no.8, pp.2420 - 2425, 2017-03


Rollable Microfluidic Systems with Microscale Bending Radius and Tuning of Device Function with Reconfigurable 3D Channel Geometry

Kim, Jihye; You, Jae Bem; Nam, Sung Min; Seo, Sumin; Im, Sung Gapresearcher; Lee, WonheeresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.9, no.12, pp.11156 - 11166, 2017-03


Model-Based Optimization of Cyclic Operation of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Fermentation Process with ex Situ Butanol Recovery (ESBR) for Continuous Biobutanol Production

Kim, Boeun; Jang, Hong; Eom, Moon-Ho; Lee, Jay HyungresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCINDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.56, no.8, pp.2071 - 2082, 2017-03


Optimal Power Allocation of Relay Sensor Node Capable of Energy Harvesting in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network

Son, Pham Ngoc; Har, Dongsooresearcher; Cho, Nam Ik; Kong, Hyung YunMDPI AGSENSORS, v.17, no.3, 2017-03


An Autonomous Coil Alignment System for the Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles to Minimize Lateral Misalignment

Hwang, Karam; Cho, Jaeyong; Kim, Dongwook; Park, Jaehyoung; Kwon, Jong Hwa; Kwak, Sang Il; Park, Hyun Ho; Ahn, SeungyoungresearcherMDPI AGENERGIES, v.10, no.3, 2017-03


Measuring the Reaction Rate of Hypergolic Propellants with a Microelectromechanical Systems Reactor

Kang, Hongjae; Huh, Jeongmoo; Kwon, SejinresearcherAMER INST AERONAUT ASTRONAUTJOURNAL OF SPACECRAFT AND ROCKETS, v.54, no.2, pp.337 - 342, 2017-03


Boundary image matching supporting partial denoising using time-series matching techniques

Kim, Bum-Soo; Moon, Yang-Sae; Lee, Jae-GilresearcherSPRINGERMULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, v.76, no.6, pp.8471 - 8496, 2017-03


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